Trail Ride Prices & Information

1 hour   $50 per rider 

We accept credit cards, checks & cash.

No double riding on one horse.
No deposit needed for trail rides.

Height to Weight restrictions apply, see chart on home page.​
All children must be 9 yrs old and 48 in tall.
This rule is for your safety & the health of our horses.

*Note: Times vary based on horses speed and gaits.
Your ride time begins when the first rider is mounted.
We do combine groups if spaces are available.

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Each trail ride can currently accommodate up to 6 guest riders. Minimum age requirement for independent riders on the trail is 9 years old and 48"tall. Must also be able to control their own horse. Helmets are required and we will provide them for you if you don't have your own. Bulky shoes with tread are not allowed, smooth soled boots with small heels or cowboy boots are recommended. Each minor rider must have a signed consent/waiver to ride and this must be signed by a legal guardian or parent.